Why Accomplishments Matter


That’s the last part of the happiness plan, according to positive psychologist Martine Seligman. I know we feel happy when we accomplish something, but I would never have guessed it would make it into the top five ways to increase our happiness and wellbeing.

What often hijacks us is that we think of goal setting (aka new years resolutions), and those can often make us feel like a failure when we don’t achieve them.

If you love setting big goals, please keep doing that. If you’re feeling tired and worn out from all we have had to endure with Covid, goal setting might feel way outside of joy.

Think of achievement as wee tweaks that you want to make in your life to be more intentional.

A baby tweak-we can all do that.

This week’s Love at Lunch talks about how we can be more intentional and use the PERMA framework’s other components to be more deliberate and create more happiness and, ultimately, joy.

We are made to strive for more and setting goals and accomplishing them release feel good neurotransmitters and then give us the motivation we need in our lives. Be intentional about your accomplishments-that’s where joy is born!


We are made for accomplishments. Our brain even reinforces it. Every time we set out to accomplish something and achieve it, the brain releases a neurotransmitter called Dopamine. Dopamine is a reward, and our brain feels fantastic when it washes on through. It’s also what helps us to stay motivated.

Setting out to achieve something small and accomplishing it is the same to our brain as achieving something massive. We get the same release of Dopamine, and then we get more motivation to set out again to achieve something else. So start small and get the wee Dopamine reward and then you will be motivated to do something else. You may just achieve that new Years resolution after all with these small steps.

Think of what would bring you more joy in your life? What would you like to be more intentional about to be deliberate about achieving it? It can be teensy weensy and still make a significant impact. SO start small.

Let me know what you would love to accomplish! I’d be honoured to share your joy!


Lots of love to you all! xo

Leona xoxo


P.S. If your wondering what the PERMA stuff is about and the science behind it-you can find more about it here.


P.P.S If you missed last week’s love note. Here it is -it’s my favourite component of the PERMA framework. Creating meaning. https://leonadevinne.com/happiness/meaning-is-the-magic-you-need

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