Finding Your Joy Spot

Finding Your Joy Spot

You were made for more joy.

Imagine what your life would be like if you experienced more joy on a daily basis. How would your life change? Who would you become? What could you achieve?

Finding Your Joy Spot by Leona deVinne gives you the practical tools and skills to find joy spots in your life and experience more joy every day. Seriously.

If you’re feeling…

  • Like life is dull, boring, and hard.
  • Like every day is Groundhog Day and your routine seems to be on rinse and repeat. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
  • Or worse, you’ve been going through hell and you’re carrying more than you feel like you can endure.
  • You’d give anything for a bit more pep in your step.
  • Or you wouldn’t know joy if it kissed you square on the mouth!

This book is for you. Finding Your Joy Spot shows you how to experience more joyful moments every day.

PSSSSST! Here’s the secret…your circumstances don’t need to change for you to experience more joy. Your life does not have to be perfect to enjoy exquisite joy and all its delicious goodness.

Your joy spots are already around you, waiting to be discovered and gobbled up! This book gives you the tools and guidance to find them in your life, even in the most unexpected places.

If you’re wondering when you’ll ever feel happiness and bliss again, I can relate. I’ve been there, too.

After getting diagnosed with a genetic form of cancer that took my mom at a young age, subsequently passing it onto my son, and then trying to navigate a heart-breaking divorce, I spent hours in my closet (so my kids couldn’t hear me crying) and many days, hoping that my life would end.

Shockingly, as I learned how to move through the pain, I discovered more joy than I had ever known.

After studying joy for 11 years and coaching clients to live their best lives while turning their ideas into reality, I noticed how transformational joy was for them too. The closer my clients got to their truth and to what really mattered to them, the more they started to understand themselves better. When they followed their joy, they knew the direction to move in, in order to find more meaning and purpose…and guess what? They experienced even MORE joy as a result!

I want this for you too. Why? Because you deserve to live a life bursting with joy!

We get more joy when we seek it. We also get more joy when we look at some challenging places in our lives—those gritty bits—that require us to be brave and move through those areas to create more space for joy spots to show up.

When you notice your joy spots start to string together, you’ll start to have more energy and clarity, and live with greater intention.

This book is not some watered down, how-to-be-happy-all-the-time plan. Joy is about YOU and your truth. You can feel joy when life is going your way and most importantly, you CAN experience the deepest joy in the darkest moments. This book shows you how.

About the Book

Finding Your Joy Spot by Leona deVinne is a practical handbook to finding joy in your life, backed by science-based research and practical frameworks. Through gritty personal stories and ample doses of humour, Leona gently guides readers to experience more joy every day with 295 self-reflection questions and hands-on tools. You’ll be sure to find your joy spots, and you’ll be so glad you did.

In this book, you will learn the five key components of joy and how to implement them in your life. These tools and techniques can be put into practice right away to create more joy spots immediately.

The 5 G’s of Joy

  • Grounded: create practices that support your well-being and reduce stress
  • Genuine: know who you are and what matters most
  • Generosity: be kind to yourself and others in your thoughts and actions
  • Gratitude: overcome your negative thoughts, focus on opportunity and what’s going well
  • Grace: establish your beliefs, mindset and grit that hold it all together to bolster resilience

This book helps you notice the joy in your daily life and helps you experience joy for the rest of your life. You’ll have a reusable framework that’s practical, sustainable, actionable and—dare I say—delicious!

Finding Your Joy Spot will help you go from:

  • Snoozing your alarm clock to jumping out of bed in the morning feeling excited about the day ahead—you may even join me in the 5 am club 😉
  • Feeling blah and bored to inspired and motivated.
  • Not knowing what direction to take in your life to having the clarity and focus you crave.
  • Feeling lost and stuck to knowing how to answer the question, “Why am I here?”
  • Feeling run-down and exhausted to boosting your immunity, lowering your blood pressure and improving your health (joy is that good—believe me, the science says!)

You will also discover how to improve your relationships and how to live a life that leaves a mark by using your skills and talents well.

Warning: There IS a chance you may develop more wrinkles with the extra smiling, but it’s so worth it. 😉

About the Author

Leona deVinne is someone who needed three years of coaching to gain the courage to write her first blog, only later to be personally invited by Arianna Huffington to blog for the Huff Post. In her book, Finding Your Joy Spot, Leona draws upon her personal experiences living with a life-threatening illness and healing after a heart-breaking divorce, to learning how to discover more joy in her life than she had ever known.

Leona’s mission is to help people find more joy by bringing their gifts and talents to the world. She has committed over a decade to researching the science of joy: what sparks it, what creates it, and what allows us to find it and understand its life-changing impact.

By sharing her expertise as a joy guru, professional coach, and facilitator, Leona helps others live their best lives and supports them as they turn their ideas into reality. Leona lives in Calgary, Canada with her husband, three children and two stepdaughters.

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