What’s your Zone of Genius

What’s your Zone of Genius?

What’s the reason you’re here? What’s your zone of genius?

I will get to that Joy Spot, but first I have to interrupt this broadcast to let you know like a raving 5-year-old, that I turned 52 this past Tuesday!


Yay! My own momma died at 49 and we share the same medical condition, where the life expectancy for a woman is 49, so the older I get, everyday feels like a RIDICULOUS gift and I am here for all the gifts that life has for me.

Bring on the aging, well maybe not the wrinkles, but I’ll take them if it means I get to be here :).

To help me celebrate my bday I decided to bring some joy to people by packing up some gift bags with my book and some other random goodies like a journal (of course) and a sparkly pen and give them to people.

I gave my first gift bag to the teller at the Goodwill thrift store. She was so lovely and cried when she got it.

We hugged, illegally, breaking the 6 feet apart rule, and I am thrilled about it.

I dropped off gift bags to random neighbors houses before they got up at 5:45 on the eve of my bday. I left bags for the servers in the restaurant we went to for my bday. It was random, unexpected and fun. That’s one of my joy spots.

On Love at Lunch this week I talked about your zone of genius, or your sweet spot or what I call your Joy Spot.

That thing that you do that you do without really much thought; it’s exquisitely you and it makes a difference to those that interact with.

Watch or keep reading to find out how you get closer to finding out your purpose filled Joy Spot.

For me that’s helping people to find out the truth of what matters to them and then helping them to find practical ways to carry that out-the results-more joy for them. That’s my absolute Joy Spot. It happens during coaching sessions. It happens when I facilitate. It feels like home to me.

We all have a gift that only we can bring. Finding it and using it where we can is why we are here.

What’s your joy spot?

That zone of genius as Gay Hendricks, psychologist, and executive coach, calls it.

Here are some questions you can journal through to get a clearer idea of what your life-giving Joy Spot is.

What do I most love to do that I can do for extended periods of time and not get bored?

What work do I do that doesn’t seem like work?

In my work what produces the highest ratio of joy and satisfaction to the amount of time spent?

(Even if I do it for a very short period of time, an idea or deeper connection may spring forth that leads to huge value)

Identify a unique and priceless gift-unique ability (special skill your gifted wit, fully realized and put to work provides tremendous benefit for others and sparks joy for you?

Like an onion- peel back the layers and dig deeper. You can get other people’s opinions of what they think you do really well and use that to prompt some deeper thought.

I could use some help (there I said it) spreading some more joy.

Joy Socks has been hopping, if you don’t know about Joy Socks, it’s a non-profit I run.

In the beginning of October, I donated Joy Socks to a local hospital (the Peter Lougheed Hospital in Calgary)and over the course of a few days everyone got a pair of gift-wrapped Joy Socks. The patients were thrilled, and the staff was delighted to participate in something so heart warming. More about Joy Socks here www.joysocks.ca.

This hospital and many others want to do the same. If you would like to be a part of this, I would appreciate any donation. All proceeds go to buying more socks as we no longer are able to accept donations of new socks. I will match all donations (up to $1500 this week).

You can donate with ease here https://www.gofundme.com/f/joysocks.

Proceeds from my book also go to fund Joy Socks and in October ALL proceeds from book sales will be donated to joy socks, because Joy shared is joy squared. www.findingyourjoyspot.com. Book makes a great Christmas gift ;).


Ha-ha-these photos are massive as my Joy Spot is my inability to do anything super cool that involves anything technical. SORRY for their massivity!

Thank you for sharing my joy this bday week!!

I’ve got two coaching spots open to help people find their all their Joy Spots. If you feel that’s a gift you want to invest in as we approach 2022 and you want to squeeze every juicy drop out of this one precious life-let’s connect and see what that could look like for you.

Book a complimentary session here www.leonadevinne.com.


In the meantime, my most beloved friends, I wish you joy this weekend. may you find it in spots most unexpected.

Leona xoxoxoxoxoxo

P.S. If we aren’t connected on social media-please connect! I’m at thejoyspot on IG and FB and just me, Leona deVinne on LinkedIn.

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