Give Yourself Permission To

This week I am all about permission slips. You need some too. I know you do.


My husband finished work last Thursday and announced how excited he was for a four day weekend.

Wait? What? 4 days? Off?

How very lovely for him, but he has a salaried position and maybe he can indeed enjoy a leisurely four day weekend, but this wife of his can not. Nope. Too much work to do. It felt like a miracle that she, being 100% me, could barely even squeak out a Friday off. I’m taking two courses for work, and one has to be finished before I deliver a large workshop next week. I have to read through my book. I have stuff to do. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

Well, Saturday arrived, and I was LOVING getting some things done around the house, and I started to get into the groove of this different gear. I thought about what was making it all so extra great and how I loved this feeling. I felt free and creative (I transformed my front steps, installed a dimmer switch, got the wood for my bathroom mirror frames. I even bought a drill-I was so happy).

The big deal came on Sunday when I asked my self what I could give myself permission for to keep this deliciousness alive. Permission to take Monday off. HMMM. Funny how things change once I slow down a little and see what’s possible.

I did have some work I had to do, but what I really wanted, most importantly, was no scheduled appts. I am always on the clock. I loved the feeling of not having to do something at a specific time. I hadn’t previously pinpointed how important it was to not have to look at my calendar for the day. Now I had.

Permission to cancel all of Monday’s appts. Done. Permission to do some work on my book, my courses and answer some emails on my time. Permission to have a wee day date with Rod; permission to pause.

Keep reading or watch the video from this week’s Love at Lunch for all the permission giving details.

I was stuck on Thursday at a pace that I didn’t think could be stopped. Everything HAD to get done, but as my pace changed and my focus changed as well, I realized that I could change things up, and permission was that starting point.

My other favourite permission has been for the last two Sundays I’ve honoured ‘no social Sundays’. I do not go on social media at all. I have this (bad) habit when I’m bored to check things out on Instagram and Facebook, and then end up looking at things on social media and I feel less engaged when I come off. I don’t love that feeling. Intention is the name of my game and it changes things. It’s a wee tweak but I can feel the difference. I’m loving it.

Enough about all my permissions. Are you feeling gritty, resentful, unhappy or living under a pile of shoulds? Permission slips (yes write down what you are giving yourself permission for) are your way home. Tell me what you are giving yourself permission for…

Permission slips are truly one of the ways we allow more joy to seep into our lives. We all could use more of that.

Maybe you have your foot on the accelerator, and you’re going at a breakneck speed. You can’t possibly slow down. I know. What would you love to feel more of as you speed along? What could you give yourself permission for to have more of that feeling? Go with the first thing that pops into your head. Please write it down and move towards making that permission a reality.

Here’s my permission slip that covers all the bases for me. (Sorry the image is so large-some of us need larger permission slips than others, and I am that person ;)).


Lots of love and stickie notes filled with permission’s and grace,




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P.P.S. If we aren’t friends on all the social medias. I would love to connect. I’m at The Joy Spot on Facebook and Instagram and trying to be ‘regular’ Leona deVinne on LinkedIn. I will see you there-just not on Sundays :).


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