What’s it going to take to make that idea a reality?

Look, I’m no mind reader, but chances are that you have an idea in your head and you’ve never pursued it. Maybe you did take one step in that direction and it felt hard, or you didn’t immediately get the positive feed back you wanted so you locked it back away.

I know. Trying new things is hard. I went back to university when I was 38. I was terrified. I was convinced I would barf out a grocery list on an exam while all my 19 year old counterparts were acing their exams. Turned out I did ok. No random lists falling out on the tests. AND I did create some great friendships with those 19 year olds-BONUS!

This idea that you have been curious about doesn’t have to solve any huge problems. Its just about you and, well you. You don’t need to feed the poor, solve the Covid crisis (although if you have some ideas around these two topics, I AM SO OPEN to hearing them). You simply need to move in the direction of your nudges.

WHY? because you were given that idea for a reason. I don’t know that reason. I DO know its important for you to not have this idea fester inside of you. Festering never is good.

This says it all so well, – thank you Les, I couldn’t have said it better myself.


Check out 3 ways you can move forward to start pursuing that idea that won’t leave you in this week’s Love at Lunch video. From the research of Carol Dweck and her book, Mindset-the New Psychology of Success.

Please take one step towards pursuing something your curious about or have thought about doing for a long time. You’ll find some joy and your brain will be soooo happy to be diving into something where it get’s to explore something.

I’d love to hear what your idea is. Please let me in on your wee secret. Let that be the first step. (I won’t tell a soul)

Beloveds, I don’t have all the words for you this week, but I do have all the love.

Shoveling boat loads your way.

Lots of love to you all! xo



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P.P.S. Here’s another video you need with the 3 F’s to moving forward (less scientific, but something I use everyday) -scroll down the page and you’ll get the video with yours truly that has all the F’s to get you to move forward. www.leonadevinne.com (plus if you haven’t been to my new website, here’s your chance to poke around! I’m so happy with it-mostly because I have magical support that makes things look magnificent)


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