5 Ways to Head into the Fall and Feel in Control

How Can you Change Up the Angst that Fall Brings?

I know we still have over a week until September arrives, but I feel the pace revving up and there’s not enough pumpkin spice in foreseeable future to soothe some of the angst that fall can bring.

Fall has such a different pace than summer. I hear people talking about it. Kids start back at school and reengage in activities, work picks up, vacation is mere pics posted on social media and a fading memory.

With Covid and all it’s stress, September is a storm of angst like we have never seen before.

I was journaling about what I was concerned about regarding the fall and I wrote down that I was feeling concerned about the fullness of it. I’d abandoned the word busy several years ago and use the word ‘full’ instead.

I despise the “B” word and the feeling. For me, it means being dragged around by some craziness that I have little control over.

My life is full. As is yours.

Like a full plate. I want to put on it what I want. I don’t want to consume or take part in what I don’t want.

As September approaches, I am fully aware of the increase in the bookings in my calendar. I’m beginning to feel the old feeling of me revving up to run a pace for the marathon that’s ahead of me.

I am also keenly aware that the pace may need to be more like a sprint over a marathon distance. This will be the fullest fall in my career. I am blessed and thankful for the opportunity and want to feel joy regardless of my full schedule.

How am I going to do this? Watch Love at Lunch for all the details.

In my journal, I asked myself what I want the fall to feel like. I got the phrase focused and intentional (with a side of grace).

First focus on what I need, not what’s on my plate.

I need rest, connection, and meaningful activities. These are non-negotiable.

The focus and intention is aimed at me first and then at my commitments.

I know this focus and intention will feel so much better than running too fast over a marathoner’s distance, believe me.

I’ve asked myself these questions lately:

How am I feeling about what this season has in store for me?

I gently acknowledge these feelings and respond with self compassion.

I check into what stories I might be making up as a result.

I go back to my ‘Focus and Intention’ and see what small shifts I can make to increase my feelings of control and set that into action-everyday.

I also look at what boundaries I need to put in place to live with focus and intention.

I may not have all the energy and resources I feel I need right now in the “bank,” stored away so I can count it and stock pile it, but I will take good care of myself and I will have everything I need along the way.

AND so, will you.

Look at your always list: working, making all the meals, cleaning the house, getting the groceries, planning all the things, planning date nights, paying the bills, working in a role that perhaps you don’t love. Change things up and you’ll create more space for some juicy joy spots.


What’s your intention for this season? What can you do to make sure this intention is anchoring for you and helps you stay on course?

I’ve included some reflection questions from my book, Finding Your Joy Spot, from a chapter with a similar theme. Journal your answers and see what comes up.



Please change things up by asking yourself:

What do I want to feel like as I move into this fuller place in my life?

What can I do to feel more aligned to my true self in this season?

What boundaries can I put in place to make sure I am more aligned with how I want this season to feel?

Is there any help I need to stay true to what I want when things are full?

The fall may be full, but so are you; with all kinds of wisdom and grit to make this season great.



Lots of love and joy to you all,

Leona xoxo


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